Beautiful, Fine At Photographs of Nature and Wildlife of Wyoming

The Best Recommendations Come from my Clients...

"I can honestly say that I seldom see pictures that capture the essence of a setting as well as the one seen in Wyoming Panorama. The one and only time I have been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming was when I was 12 years old. Upon viewing the Wyoming Panorama, I was transported back into those incredible memories because of the beauty of that place. When looking at the 8 foot Panorama, I sit for several minutes reflecting on the time spent in what seems like that very spot.

What makes the picture meaningful to me is the work and effort that went into the picture. I had the unique opportunity of hearing the artist speak about the process of not only creating the vision for the Panorama, but also carrying out the vision and making it a reality.

Nothing but the best techniques, tools and processes went into making the Wyoming Panorama a spectacular glimpse into what can be considered one of the most beautiful and recognizable settings in the world."

Cory Scheer
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting Company
Buena Vista, Colorado

"Having the Teton panorama in my home is the next best thing
to actually being there myself. Although I've always been awed
by Jerry's magnificent work, this piece is unquestionably the crowning
achievement in his long and distinguished career.

The panorama is more than just a beautiful picture--
it is a work of art that captures the experience of a peaceful
morning in the Tetons better than anything I've ever seen. I have
appreciated Jerry's professionalism and attention to detail through
every step of the process, from his choice of the highest quality
materials to his commitment to making sure I received the picture in
perfect shape. If you love the Tetons as much as I do and you won't
settle for anything but the best, you've come to the right place!"

Darin Scheer
Attorney at Law
Denver, Colorado

" I had the opportunity to purchase one of Jerry Geist's special photographs of the Tetons after viewing it at an exhibition. I placed it in my office waiting room where it has received many compliments. After seeing it each day at the office I eventually purchased a second copy which I placed in a prominent location in my new home. The scene is absolutely breathtaking."

Steven L. Kaufman, M.D., PhD
Yellowstone Surgery Center, LLC
Consultants in Surgery, P.C.
Cheyenne, WY

"I have three of Jerry Geist's fine pieces of photography gracing the walls of our home. Each one has a very unique and different mood to it. (Each of our children have already picked the one they want in time to come!)

As a photogragher Jerry Geist is able to capture the grandeur of nature. When I look at his photograph of the lightning I remember times I have witnessed the thunderous experience of seeing a similiar storm, but I didn't have the camera or expertise to capture the special memory.

His pictures also take my mind to places in our majestic land that I would have never seen without his skill. We purchased three very unique prints for gifts for momentous occasions for other family members which will be treasured and handed down for generations."

Sherry Goodman
Cheyenne, WY


"The print simply takes your breath away! The clarity is superb. As a third generation native of Jackson Hole I must admit this is a very spectacular panorama of the Tetons!
We can't thank Jerry enough for all of his hard work and wonderful insight!"

Susan Donnelly
Owner/Manager, Capitol Tours & Travel
Cheyenne, Wyoming

"I first saw the panorama of the Tetons in a one-man show of Jerry's photographs at the Cheyenne Civic Center.

He had on display dozens of outstanding photos, but the panorama in particular caught my eye. It was the most strikingly real depiction of the Tetons I had ever seen outside of the mountains themselves! The moose in the foreground added just the perfect touch!"

Harlan R. Ribnik, M.D.
Cheyenne, WY

"It has been our pleasure to have known Jerry personally and professionally for many years. We have come to truly appreciate his outstanding photographic talents and abilities. We personally own his Teton Mountain/Snake River piece. It hangs in our office building and many people enjoy viewing it on a regular basis. It's been our observation that his other works are equally beautiful.

We recommend Jerry's works without reservation."

Chuck & Katie Brown
C.H. Brown Company
Wheatland, WY



"We wanted to write a letter of thanks for the awesome panorama of the Tetons with a moose drinking from the river. This has become the main focal point in our home as it is mounted to the wall over our stairway and is seen from the kitchen and family room area.

This is such a beautiful picture with such clarity that you feel as if you are watching the moose from a nearby rock. This makes me feel like a little bit of "back home" has become a part of our home.

Growing up in Wyoming and so close to the Rocky Mountains I didn't appreciate all there was to offer until I moved to London where I now live with my husband and two boys. I have really missed being near the mountains. The panorama is there everyday to look at and know how great God is when you see how beautiful of a place he made for us to enjoy."

John and Stacey Laurent
London, England



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The Wyoming Panorama nature and wildlife photography of Wyoming